Registration for this competition closes May 31th.
The competition will start Friday, June 15th 2018 at aproximately 15:00 hr. (Depends on the number of competitors and preliminaries).

The complete schedule will be published approximately one (1) week before the start of the competition on this website.

During the championships, you will be able to find a copy of the schedule at the entrance and at the registration desk.
Competitor numbers can be collected at the registration desk on Friday, June 15th 2018  from 13:00 hr or Saturday June 16th 2018 till 10:00h.

The awards ceremony will take place Saturday 16th 2018 at around 19.30. and Sunday, June 17th 2018 at approximately 19:00 hr.
The directors would like to ask all competitors to wear their competition outfit at the awards ceremony.

The competitor’s list and competition schedule will be published at the website under the news section after the registration deadline once all registrations have been processed.
After the competition, the results and the judges reports will be published at the WCDF website.